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from our beloved unicorns

This is the third planner type I've tried over the past year and by far the best - great design, smart prompts, easy to use.

Sophie B.

I got this planner in preparation for the new year for my personal life outside of work. It's become a huge part of each day for me including creative release and acknowledging accomplishments. I wish there was a 52 week version but I came back to the site to start my subscription! I have recommended it to all my friends and I am so excited to see my progress from planner to planner. Thank you!

Olivia S.

This little life saver, also know as a planner/notebook, popped up on my instagram feed one day. We were just starting our Quarterly planning the having the option to see 30-60-90 days at once is a game changer. My VP saw me writing my quarterly goals, weekly goals and key activities and was hooked herself. Also, this might be odd to say, but it's really soft. If you are thinking about buying this- just do it. Especially if you think "i always start these notebooks, but never follow through, or keep it up" then buy it! 

Carla T.

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