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The everyday visionary is someone who goes in to work each day, not because they have a job, but because they are building a career.

They have a sense of purpose, a lack of patience, and a desire for a straightforward roadmap to achieve what they want in their career.

They come in early and leave late on most days. They often work through lunch without even realizing it.

They have ideas that will make a meaningful impact on the world and benefit the business that’s in their hands every day.

They challenge the status quo. They speak up when no one else really wants to say anything because they actually give a damn.

And every once in a while, people will tell them that they “care too much.”

We are here to tell you that “caring too much” probably means that you’re caring just enough.

It is our mission at ZerModus to further enable you, and all of the other movers and shakers of the world, because we believe you are doing the job that you were designed to do.

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