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End-of-the-year practices: Remember to savor your successes!

We rarely pause to celebrate and savor all we have accomplished before moving on to the next thing on our eternal “to do” list. One of the wisest end-of-the-year practices you can do, before you make your New Year’s resolutions, is to create a success list.

It’s a simple, conscious practice that will not only make you feel good, but it will also give you the confidence and focus you need to achieve your new goals.

Here’s what to do. Start by writing numbers one through 20 down the left margin of your paper so you’ll list at least 20 successes. More is better!

Consider what you’re most proud of this year, including your family, health, work, finances and fun. Perhaps you got a promotion, paid off your student loan or enjoyed a relaxing vacation.

Then, go deeper to the lessons learned and gifts that come from disappointments and setbacks. That might include when you missed the deadline on that work project, since you now know what to do differently.  Or it might be the toxic relationship you ended, since you now know you deserve so much better.

Once your list is complete, share it with others you trust—from coworkers to friends and family—and invite them to create their own success list.

When you become frustrated or fearful as you experience inevitable challenges in the new year, you can review your Success List and remember all you’ve accomplished and are capable of achieving.

What’s one thing on your success list?

Author credit: Tricia Molloy

Article sourced from: http://www.beleaderly.com/end-of-the-year-practices-remember-to-savor-your-successes/

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