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Science: A Team That Laughs Together, Innovates Together

Guest Author

   A boatload of science shows that teams that laugh more perform better. Say you're walking by a group of employee...

Brainstorming Doesn’t Work; Try This Technique Instead

Guest Author

Ever been in a meeting where one loudmouth’s mediocre idea dominates? Then you know brainstorming needs an overhaul. ...

Original Ideas: The Last Step In The Creative Process

Guest Author

Shakespeare was a ruthless thief. Some of his first plays – the three parts of Henry VI – were so similar to Christop...

To Reach Your Next Big Goal, Follow the 10-80-10 Rule

Guest Author

So you have a new project in mind—a major undertaking, a shift in direction, the kind of thing that will put your c...

Stuck for An Idea? Try Listening to Some Happy Music.

Guest Author

Creative thinking has long fascinated us. In the Middle Ages, creativity was believed to have a divine source, appear...

Business and design: Collaboration tips for more creative innovation

Guest Author

Just over 10 years ago, the firm I spent most of my career with – Monitor Group – bought Doblin, a design and innova...

Why wearing a Halloween costume to work may make you a happier employee

Guest Author

Most of us save our spooky Halloween costumes for after working hours, but why wait until then? According to a survey...
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