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What It Will Really Take To Get More Women In Music

Guest Author

The beginning of 2018 highlighted yet another area of the entertainment industry that's suffering from some vast gend...

Building an Inclusive Workplace in a Divisive World

Guest Author

Organizations are increasingly global. To work effectively with customers, partners and employees around the world,...

5 Shocking Stats From TEDWomen

Guest Author

After listening to over fifty inspiring TED Talks at TEDWomen 2017, it’s hard to digest all the information and know ...

10 companies prioritize gender equality in the workforce

Guest Author

Senator Scott Wiener kicked off The 2017 Gender Equality Challenge Forum this past Friday at the Gap Inc HQ in San Fr...

The Masks We Wear: Covering Race And Identity At Work

Guest Author

I recently sat on a panel hosted by the Council of Urban Professionals with NYU Law Professor Kenji Yoshino, followin...

Working While Female

Guest Author

  A Twitter thread has gotten some attention recently, where my former-coworker / current-best friend, Marty, reco...

It’s Time for Companies to Try a New Gender-Equality Playbook

Guest Author

More than 75% of CEOs include gender equality in their top 10 business priorities, but gender outcomes across the lar...
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