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End-of-the-year practices: Remember to savor your successes!

Guest Author

We rarely pause to celebrate and savor all we have accomplished before moving on to the next thing on our eternal “to...

6 Ways to Banish End-of-Year Stress at the Office

Guest Author

The holiday treats start flowing into the office (cookies=calories), decorations appear in the lunchroom (a dreidel h...

How To Finance Growth After a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Guest Author

Let’s assume that you have a great product that you want to launch. It solves a very specific problem, has mass appea...

Life Is Math — Not Magic

Guest Author

Some say life is like chess, running a marathon, or playing a video game. I like those simplified looks on life becau...

5 Shocking Stats From TEDWomen

Guest Author

After listening to over fifty inspiring TED Talks at TEDWomen 2017, it’s hard to digest all the information and know ...

Want to Succeed in Life? Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission

Guest Author

You know who we need to name more things after? Grace Hopper. It's not just because she was a computing pioneer. It's...

10 Rules To Build A Wildly Successful Business

Guest Author

Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff built Honest Tea from scratch into a $100 million enterprise. In my recent article on...

Get Ready for the Week with a Sunday Power Hour

Guest Author

You probably have some tasks you do on the weekend to get ready for the week ahead, which can make your time off less...

You’re Never Done Finding Purpose at Work

Guest Author

Do you dread going into the office Monday morning? Maybe a new boss has entered the equation, creating a rift between...

Success Will Come and Go, But Integrity Is Forever

Guest Author

If I could teach only one value to live by, it would be this: Success will come and go, but integrity is forever. Int...

7 Tips for Loving Your Career and Working With Passion

Guest Author

You’ve heard the Confucius saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But w...

Survey Shows Visualizing Success Works

Guest Author

If you’ve ever poked fun at someone—especially an entrepreneur--for creating a vision board as a way to picture succe...
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