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Everyday Visionary :: Joy Nauman

The Collaborative No. 10

Today we are featuring Everyday Visionary Joy Nauman, who is an unlicensed doctor of naturopathic medicine, home birth midwife.

Lets start be unpacking what a naturopathic doctor and a midwife do in the world. A naturopathic doctor uses the symptoms of patient as an indication of the direction that the body is innately striving to move. The whole person, beyond the physical symptoms, is treated with the mental and emotional aspects taken into consideration. The patient is an active participant in their healing as the practitioner provides information and education that supports the journey.

A midwife also focuses on a holistic approach to healthcare. The role of midwife tends to the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social needs of a woman before, during and after childbirth.  They also can offer gynecological exams, family planning and preconception care, prenatal care, labor and delivery support, newborn care, and menopausal management. 

 Put the naturopath and midwife together and you have Joy Nauman.  Joy embodies the philosophy of empowering and educating those in her care. She is currently providing research consultant services in natural medicine, nutrition, pediatrics, women's health, and natural childbirth. Teaching classes and workshops in Yakima, Portland, and Seattle.

You can follow Joy Nauman on social media by clicking these links:

 Facebook :: LinkedIn

The Questionnaire

  1. Where do you currently work?

Yakima Integrative Health/Self Employed

  1. What is your current role?

Currently unlicensed doctor of naturopathic medicine, home birth midwife, and researcher/writer

  1. How would you describe to a child what you do for a living?

I help babies out! And when they are born, I help them stay healthy. If somebody gets sick, I help them get better. I also like to find out ways to make them better and tell other people about my experiences.

  1. What do you hope you have a reputation for as a professional?

Genuine, smart, witty, compassionate, and competent. Establishing long lasting, meaningful relationships with people and creating an environment of trust.

  1. What is an accomplishment from your career that meant the world to you?

Consistently receiving high marks in patient rapport and establishing relationships, when my mentor told me I was her favorite student, and passing my first round of board exams.

  1. What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve had to learn the hard way in your career?

Balancing career, family, and my own health

  1. What are some of your go-to sources of inspiration and staying on top of emerging trends that impact your field or industry?

All educational journals and thought leader platforms in education reform as well as interacting with business leaders so that I can learn from about industry trends and help better prepare our students. 

  1. What is something you need in your work environment in order to   thrive in your role?

Positive attitudes and setting each other up for success. And a sense of humor.

  1. What you envision for your customers/clients/stakeholders/ patients/citizens/students, etc.?

Empowerment and information. I want my patients to feel heard, trusted, and empowered to make healthy choices.

  1. What is one of the biggest challenges you are facing or trying to solve right now?

Paying for and passing my exams so that I can be fully licensed and start practicing. Finishing my thesis. Having patience with the processes and staying motivated.

  1. When and where do you tend to get your ideas?

In the shower or while driving

  1. What are three of your favorite books?
  • The Time Traveler's Wife
  • Stumbling on Happiness
  • God's Hotel
  1. What’s one of your favorite non-profits?

MamaBaby Haiti

  1. If you could collaborate with any group or individual in the world, who would be your top three picks?
  • Danielle Ofri
  • Andre Roberfroid
  • Victoria Sweet
  1. What would you want to collaborate on with the people/groups you just mentioned?

Writing creative non fiction as a physician, working with Association Montessori Internationale as a child advocate, improving the health and well being of all children, practicing "slow medicine"

  1. If you were invited to give a TED Talk (or have given one), what would you speak about?

How home birth and the philosophy and practice of midwifery could improve outcomes for moms and babies.

  1. How do you unwind at the end of a stressful day?

Wine and poker

  1. What do you think your 80-year-old self would tell you right now?

Be mindful and stay present

  1. What do you think your 10-year-old self would be most impressed with about your life right now?

My education

  1. What does your creative process entail when you're doing what you do best?

Start with big picture, an outline-- then fill in the details. Interacting and being around other people.

  1. Is there anything particularly compelling that you want us to know that we didn't ask?

Pay attention, big things are happening

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