I'm Only Human

In July of 2018 I nearly gave up on continuing to grow this startup. 

Somewhere along the way of the dream and the journey of bringing my vision for ZerModus to life, the insanely demotivating symptoms of burnout set in fairly abruptly, and life as I knew it transformed from exhilarating highs to the lowest of lows, where my days were void of joy, beauty, and the promise of something bigger and better. Everything I was striving towards suddenly felt impossible.

After nearly a decade of working tirelessly to build other people’s brands and businesses, when it finally came time to build my own, I was so invested with every fiber of my being in every waking moment of each day that I insisted on doing everything myself - ultimately spreading myself too thin in the name of conserving funds (because… bootstrapping).

For those of you who are reading this and have taken that leap of faith into the unknown by starting your own venture, then you know enough about yourself to know that you did not become an entrepreneur for the job security. That is not what motivates us. No - you do it because you see a need and an opportunity for something people want that you can offer, and you do whatever you can to make that happen for them. Ultimately, you set out do it in a way that allows you to create a better life for yourself, and for your family - once you get past those early years and the messy middle as Behance Founder, Scott Belsky, calls it.

“Messy” is a cute word for it. Launching a startup is basically like riding an emotional roller coaster without a seatbelt, and the ride starts and stops whenever the hell it feels like it. One could even speculate that it’s like a popular Sunday activity… AKA riding a dragon.

Riding Dragons
Image Credit: gameofquotes.blogspot.com

Here’s the thing about riding dragons though… they take you from point A to point B. Assuming you survive the ride and manage to find a way to hold on through all of the ups and downs… you can dismount the dragon and enter the next phase of your journey.

It is my vision for ZerModus that we offer you tools and resources that help you design your state of mind for successful outcomes as you move through various phases of your life. The Everyday Visionary planner is for someone who is on top of their game and setting goals for high achievement. This product… the Everyday Human planner, is for that same person but for when they are going through some shit and need to be more focused on setting intentions rather than setting goals.

Why Now

We are launching the Everyday Human this May during Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a design that I’ve been holding onto for a while now. I originally designed this planner for myself several years ago when I was going through a painful period of my life because I wanted a tangible recovery plan. Strangely, that was something that simply did not exist. People offered advice, insights, personal anecdotes, recommended treatment centers, therapy sessions, massages, spa treatments, prescriptions, playlists… you name it.

But no one was offering me a tangible exit strategy.

I wanted something to help me navigate my way through everything that I was thinking and feeling as I was going through these struggles. Being the naturally goal-oriented Type A AF person that I am, I wanted a plan that allowed me to see the progress I was making towards finding my way to a happier and healthier version of myself.

Over the years I’ve privately shared the Everyday Human with friends and family when they were going through tough times in their own life. And the more I told people that I had this planner design, the more they encouraged me to put it out into the universe and offer it up to you. So here we are.

Helpful for any kind of recovery process

This guided journal was designed to help anyone going through a tough time in their life, regardless of the nature of the challenges and hardships they are experiencing. 

Whether it’s a going through a divorce, recovering from a big surgery, or dealing with addiction, eating disorders, depression, anxiety… you name it… this planner is meant to be a resource to help people grow through personal struggles and get to a place of feeling emotionally and physically healthy.

What's inside

Elements of the planner design include things like tracking your sleep and daily meditations, checking-in with your emotions, affirming positive self-beliefs, having a health and fitness focus, and keeping things in perspective by noting the best and worst of each day. 

There’s also plenty of room for weekly journaling, and things like keeping track of your daily tasks, medications, appointments, etc. 

Everyday Human planner daily layout by ZerModus

Just like the Everyday Visionary, the Everyday Human is an American-made 12-week dateless daily planner so that you can start fresh any day of the year without having any wasted pages. 

The Everyday Human planner is my way of offering people a resource at a time when they need it most. I hope this helps, because at the end of the day… we are all only human. 

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