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Question Everything... Including The Beatles

Right smack in the middle of the word IRREVERENCE is the verb revere, which means to admire or look up to. Much like this verb, I like to jump right in the middle of some shit and start firing off questions.

Evidently, asking questions is irreverent.

I like to live in this state, which gives me a light hearted way to poke, prod and test the integrity of widely held beliefs without beating the crap out of the people who believe them. It has been said that with irreverence comes great courage. For me, it is mostly f-words and the oppression of wearing pants.

Take the Flat Earthers, for example. They make it really hard to be their friend on this planet that I want to push you off of…but, I can’t because gravity makes you stick to the sphere that you don’t believe in and there is no Edge- except in U2 and he thinks that you are a bloody wanker. What if they are right? The greatest conspiracy of the last 2500 years is that we live on round planet. So basically, we live in a giant infinity pool with giant dirt floats that we lay on to tan ourselves.

I actually like this idea, because it makes my life feel more leisurely and who doesn’t want a life of leisure. Then, I remember that there are sea dragons and the dream goes to shit. Oh…and I have to remember to suspend actual truth, science and common sense. It gets too complicated for me. I am out.

Confession time: I don’t like the Beatles. What does this have to do with the flat earth? A crap ton. I have been told to keep my opinion of the Beatles to myself. For God’s sake…don’t tell anyone.

“You are a musician, and real musicians love the Beatles.”

How did this get to be a widely held truth? Hey Jude makes me want to kill. If I wore glasses, they would slowly and dramatically crack to emphasize that some crazy shit was getting ready to go down. That would be your warning to turn that shit off.

So on to the conspiracy…There is a story that Paul died in 1969 and the guy that we all know as Paul, is an impostor. This makes the band Wings more excusable. How do we know that Paul was replaced with a look alike? On the Abbey Road album cover, Paul is the only one who is barefoot. It is a sign. The new guy risked getting hook worms to give us the greatest clue in rock and roll history. We cannot ignore the next important clue in the song Revolution 9. If you listen to the song backwards, you can clearly hear the message, “Turn me on, dead man.” Don’t ask me what that shit means. What is really fucked up about this is that the track sounds way better backwards than forwards.

By the way, the fake Paul’s name is Billy Shear. I wonder what Billy’s family thinks about this. What if you accidentally wrote “Uncle Billy” on the tag for his Christmas gift? The fucking ruse would be up and you would go down in history as the person who destroyed the Beatles. Step aside Yoko, this is a job for Nigel. Your name would now be used as a verb to describe breaking shit up… Don’t Nigel me, pal. You would be infamous and I love you for it.

So what were we talking about… oh yeah…irreverence. So here’s the deal- Don’t buy into everyone else’s truth. Find your own truth, because that is where the good stuff lives.  How does this all tie back to the workplace?  If you are open to being curious and asking "what if", you might discover that work is more than a vocation. If we knew all of the answers, we would be bored and bored is just a side step away from death. There is a life and breath in the question itself. What is your way of showing up? I hope that you are not stuck in a position that requires you to adopt the "one right way" method.

Start by asking yourself questions.

Do I share my ideas with others?  Am I keeping the best ideas trapped in my head? How can I make what I do better? How can I be a better accountant? Teacher? Lawyer? Writer? If you are an admin assistant and file all day...fucking file the shit out those folders in a way that is perfectly you.  

The world needs that version of you to show up at work and in life. You don’t have to keep believing that the earth is flat or the Beatles were the greatest band ever. Keep asking questions, you irreverent little fuckers because Magellan, Pythagoras, Plato and Billy Shear.

Next time:

Why did Trump have to go and Nigel Journey?

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  • Oh cool do I get to be the first person to comment on your blog Lisa? Well I’m finally the first at something. Flat Earth and Beatles are used to express how you can’t help but wonder wtf why does every fucking thing have to be a conspiracy? Why does everyone want to go along with what is the “the norm”, the thing you’re just supposed to like or accept because it just is?
    Like me when I was in high school every one liked this teacher Mr. D. Everyone wanted to be in his class but I thought he was creepy and I couldn’t understand what the
    Big deal was with this Mr. D. I mean I felt stupider after having him as a teacher. I swore his teaching credentials came from a cracker jack box . This was my theory and I had a few followers that went along with my conspiracy. But all and all people would ask me "karie how can you not like Mr. D? Youre crazy.
    As it turns out he was fired not long afterward. Good old Mr. D had forged his credentials. He had had a difficult time finding work and became desperate.
    I told everyone that there were NOT 52 states. I knew he was wrong. And enouph was enough.
    But they didn’t listen.
    So my main point is that it would make me so happy if people used their brain more often. We have it for a a reason and if we live on a flat earth well I guess they told us so


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