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The Spice Girls Guide to Goal Setting


Most people have heard the Spice Girls sing, "Tell me what you want what you really really want." I've heard that song a million times, and then it dawned on me. The Spice Girls have all the answers! WTF?!?!? For all of these years, I thought that they were a joke...or a guilty pleasure. I won't judge, if you don't judge me. I just confessed that I have heard the song a million times. Why didn't I hear it sooner? Right there hidden in the song is the answers to everything I ever wanted. Very smart Illuminati. You put the secrets to the Universe right out in the open. We really don't pay attention because you gift wrapped it in a turd of a catchy pop song. 

Clue #1

Now, let's dive into this little ditty by examining the first clue. What do I want...really really want? Good question Scary Spice. This is where most people get stuck.  We don't spend a lot of time really getting in touch with what we want. We regurgitate the things that we think that we want without taking the time to be real about what we really want. Back to the clue...Scary Spice is sharing her goals with her homies. She tells them what she wants. Although, they are speaking in code. I am still decoding what "zigazig ah" means. My best guess is that is a key to opening up a portal to a parallel universe.   

Clue #2

The next clue is revealed through the entity known as Sporty Spice. She tells us to forget the past and focus on the future. Everything that has happened before this moment is meaningless. The past does not define us. We will be known by what we create moving forward. That other stuff from yesterday, and the days prior are just memories, lessons, and practice runs. Sporty Spice beacons us to look at what we want right NOW. Eyes on the prize, my friends.  

"Don't go wasting your precious time."  

Do it now. 

Clue #3

The next clue is wrapped in the aural bacon that is SEX. This process will work if it can: 

"get with my friends."  

These are your accountability buddies. These friends support you on this journey. They are the people that are down for the long haul and want only the best for you. They know your goals and what you want. You trust them to help you achieve your dreams.  

Clue #4

The final clue is again from the prophet, Mel B. When she compels us to: 

"Slam your body down and wind it all around," 

She is saying - after you have decided what you really really want, focus on the future and share with your accountability just gotta dance that sh*t out. I don't know if I can dance like Mel, but I sure do love setting goals. I write my goals down to make them even more powerful and I revisit them daily.

In Summary

So let's recap. Figure out what you want. Keep your focus towards the future. Harness the power of your accountability buddies. Then, dance it into reality. The Spice Girls want us to be happy. I just know it. They seem like pretty nice folks. Hell, even Posh worked through her resting bitch face. I will keep you posted on the deciphering of zigazig ah. Until then, don't go chasing waterfalls - or will you?

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