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Waking up like an Everyday Visionary

Everyday Visionary | Planner - Navy

Product image 1Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - Navy
Product image 2Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - Navy - close up
Product image 3Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - 60 day strategy planning example
Product image 4Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - HR plan for the week example
Product image 5Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - Student example content
Product image 6Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - Fitness Plan
Product image 7Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - contact info page
Product image 8Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - intro page design
Product image 9Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - behind the design
Product image 10Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - Vision Planning and Goal Setting
Product image 11Everyday Visionary Navy Planner by ZerModus - 30 and 60 day strategic planning
Product image 12Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - weekly outlook layout and design
Product image 13Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - weekend layout design
Product image 14Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - dot matrix pages design
Product image 15Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - Navy - back pocket
Product image 16Everyday Visionary Planner by ZerModus - Navy - back cover

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created for goal-oriented people 

made in the usa with premium materials + ethical labor practices


Ok so the Navy planner is the OG color from back when we launched on Kickstarter. This cover has a subtle linen finish.

The Everyday Visionary© is a 12-week undated daily planner, made in the USA, and designed for people who have a sense of purpose and a lack of patience. It's called the Everday Visionary because it's about waking up and visualizing what you want each day, and then putting a plan of action in place to go make it happen.

This planner provides a powerful framework for habitually designing your state of mind so you are prepared for, and provoke successful outcomes, for whatever you are setting out to accomplish.

As you move through each week, there’s space for you to take the time to reflect on your accomplishments and lessons learned so you move into each new week with a sense of awareness and appreciation for the progress being made towards your vision.



begin with intention and determine your direction

define your mission   ::   map out your vision 
set your objective  ::  break it down to weekly goals
get your head right  ::  determine the attitude and habits necessary to achieve your goals


start fresh any day of the year

the next 30 days
the next 60 days
the next 90 days


get a good look at what’s on tap for the week

remarks for the week  ::  notable events and meetings
the goal for the week  ::  the week’s key activities


a simple framework for remarkable productivity

morning visualization  ::  a specific upcoming event and desired outcome
daily mantra  ::  your affirmation to help you achieve the desired outcome
daily focus  ::  your focus for the day for what will set you up for success
daily tasks  ::  critical tasks and time blocking for events and meetings
notes  ::  jot down quick notes
ideas  ::  sketch out your ideas


take a quick moment to reflect

the weekend  ::  make note of anything occurring between meals
accomplishments  ::  take record of your wins for the week
lessons learned  ::  make note of the lessons you learned
satisfaction  ::  rate your satisfaction with the week


the length   ::   12-week un-dated daily planner
the covers   ::   sturdy cover paper with linen finish
the pages   ::   104gsm super smooth bright white pages with rounded corners
the binding   ::   antique gold wire-o lay flat binding
the size   ::   slightly larger than an iPad 7.5"W x 9.75"H
the designer   ::   designed with great care by the Founder, Elizabeth 
the makers   ::   made with great care by our local partners

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