ZerModus Advisory Board

Board of Advisors

The Visionaries Behind the Scenes

These are the innovators, connectors, and complex problem solvers bringing the ZerModus vision to life to empower individuals and employees across the country.

The mission of the Advisory Board is to help ZerModus achieve maximum impact on strategic growth strategy through exceptionally innovative, collaborative problem solving, and guiding through real world business challenges.

Surround yourself with brilliant forces of nature.

Meet the Advisors

Jagdish Dalal

Global Speaker, Advisor, & IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame

Leah Frazier, Esq.

2x Emmy Winner, Entrepreneur, & Author

Logan Cohen

Forbes 30 Under 30 Tech Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker

Carla Donahue

Senior Beauty Industry Marketing Leader

Pretty proud of the company we keep.

Fun Fact: 3 out of 4 of the Advisors were Everyday Visionary Customers First

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