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Anonymous Listening Project

This project consists of a series of brief anonymous surveys focused around core elements of the ZerModus Everyday planners. You get the benefit of practicing self-awareness and manifesting your goals. And we get the benefit of listening. Take the surveys as often as you like in under 5 minutes each.

Everyday Visionary Surveys


Mission & Vision Survey

Ave Completion Time: 10min

Take this brief two question survey to craft your personal Vision and Mission statements. Use this extremely effective framework for navigating life with a sense of purpose and direction.

Manifesting Goals Survey

Ave Completion Time: 5min

Use this brief three question survey to practice mastering the art of visualizing and manifesting your goals like an Everyday Visionary. In this survey you can anonymously share your visualization, mantra, and focus for the day.

Lessons Learned Survey

Ave Completion Time: 10min

It's impossible to move forward effectively in the future without regularly reflecting on the lessons learned from the past. Take this anonymous four question survey to get a taste of what embracing this weekly habit entails.

  • Vision & Mission Survey
  • Manifesting Goals Survey
  • Lessons Learned Survey
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What you focus on, you create.
So what are you focusing on?

Everyday Human Surveys


Best & Worst Survey

Ave Completion Time: 3min

Take this brief two question survey to get in the habit of maintaining a sense of perspective through the turbulent highs and lows of the infamously unpredictable year of 2020.

Check-In Challenge Survey

Ave Completion Time: 3min

Use this brief survey to begin to master the habit of labeling your core emotions and being more self-aware as an Everyday Human. Do it daily and on paper with the Everyday Human planner to see how much this simple act grounds you and validates what you are feeling.

Self-Starter Survey

Ave Completion Time: 7min

Take the Self-Starter Survey for an advanced level version of the Check-In Challenge. In this survey will check-in with four different parts of yourself and develop the skill of emotional granularity by labeling more precise emotions from the feelings chart.

  • Best & Worst Survey
  • Check-In Challenge
  • Self Starter Survey
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Personal growth is accepting discomfort as a sign of the progress you are making.

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