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We are cultivating an environment where a diverse group of thought leaders can come together and disrupt the status quo. This space will initially be focused on disrupting two areas in vital to the betterment of our society:

  1. changing the faces of leadership

  2. improving mental health care and education

Join us by contributing your talents and unique perspective to expedite the impact of work that matters.

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Intellectual Requirements: Applicants must be curious, open minded, life-learners. You do not have to have a career in Diversity & Inclusion or Mental Health in order to bring a valuable perspective to the table. We believe that you do not have to go to college to be an asset to society, therefore there are not educational requirements.

Location Requirements: We are based in Dallas, Texas but open to global applicants with the ability to travel. The think tanks will be hosted in cities across the country.

Age Requirements: We welcome all participants who are 18 years and older. Age diversity is a priority for this Think Tank. We will host educational Think Tank programs in partnership with lower education and high schools at a later date.

Language Requirements: Currently all programs/workshops are facilitated in English. All participants must speak English fluently.