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Everyday Visionary Questionnaire by ZerModus

For Everyday Visionaries

We created this questionnaire to provide our customers with a unique vantage point of everyday visionaries sharing bits of themselves with us in a straightforward and compelling manner.

Our hope is that the responses that we gather to these 21 questions provoke unsuspecting collaborations and demonstrate how simple it can be to live as a visionary. 

Thank you for taking the time to apply to be featured on The Collaborative blog and share your responses with us. We will follow up within 3-5 Business days if we have any additional questions! 


Friendly Tips

  1. This is for individuals to be featured, not groups or companies. However, your place of work will be included in your responses and you may provide professional social media links.
  2. Blatant sales pitches will not be considered.
  3. Everyday Visionaries make us feel something. Readers should have a real sense of who you are after reading your responses. 
  4. The posts with the most personality and sentiment tend to get more shares and engagement so have fun with it! 
  5. Keep it conversational, and use full sentences just as if we were asking you the questions on a podcast interview. 
  6. To be considered, be sure to use proper capitalization and grammar in your responses. Attention to detail increases your chances of getting featured.
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