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Living Like an Everyday Visionary

How do I use the 'my Morning Visualization' section?

    This planner is designed around the concept of waking up each day and visualizing what you want. Use the Morning Visualization section to jot down your desired outcome for a specific upcoming event.

    Example: "Having a successful photo shoot."

    Meditate on that and think about what having a successful photo shoot entails. What does it look like? What will you need to do to prepare? How will you navigate any last minute changes or unexpected circumstances?


    How do I use the 'my Mantra Today' section?

    This is where you tell yourself what you need to hear so that you are set up for success to get the desired outcome you just visualized.

    Example: "I have a great eye for capturing the best candid moments."

    Your daily mantra is about designing your state of mind. We all tell ourselves stories every day and it's easy to fall into the trap of self-doubt. This space gives you the opportunity to change your inner-dialogue and obtain the self-narrative you crave.


    How do I use the 'my Focus Today' section?

    Your focus for the day is where you make note of the top priorities for what needs to happen that day.

    Example: "Confirm Itinerary \ Complete Shot List \ Pack"

    Having a focus for the day not only sets the direction for what you need to be doing but it also helps with prioritizing tasks when things pop up last minute. You can ask yourself, "Does this really need to happen today or can it wait because I've really got to Focus on xyz."


    How do I use the 'my Tasks Today' section?

    You can use this space to list tasks as well as time blocking for meetings/classes/events etc.  Some people choose to organize their tasks in the order they need to be done. Others will put professional tasks/meetings on the lefthand column and have personal tasks/meetings on the righthand column. 


    How do I use the dot matrix for capturing my ideas and notes?

    For anyone who is familiar with bullet journaling or graphic design, this will be second nature to you. And for newcomers - Welcome to the dot matrix. The dot matrix is your really easy-going friend. You can doodle here. You can make lists here. You can sketch out motivational quotes. You can map out new concepts or strategies. 


    Options for Buying Planners

    Are they sold outside of the U.S.?

    Yes. They are currently sold in Canada and Mexico and will soon be available for international shipping on Amazon. 


    Are they available anywhere else?

    Yes. The single planners are currently sold on Amazon Prime and with select independent retail partners. 


    How fast will my planner get here after I place my order?

    90% of the time, all orders placed before 3:30pm Central Time on weekdays will be fulfilled and shipped out SAME-DAY. Because we are f*cking on top of it. Orders placed after 3:30pm CT, or on weekends will be fulfilled first thing the next business day because entrepreneurs need a real life too. But sometimes we get so excited that we come in on the weekends and send out those orders early just for you. 

    We ship all orders as Priority USPS so they will arrive between 1-3 days. We do not charge a premium on our shipping like many companies do. The charge for shipping is at cost for our negotiated rate with the USPS and we are always working to get that reduced so everyone wins.

    If you run into any delays with receiving your order, let us know on the live chat feature on our website or contact us directly at Hello@zermodus.com and we will get it resolved as quickly as humanly possible for you.


    Can we order co-branded planners for our employees?

    Yes. The minimum order for co-branded planners with your company's messaging and branding on the inside is 5000 planners. Send us an email at Connect@zermodus.com for more information. 


    Is there an annual version of this planner?

    Ok so we technically don’t have a 12-month planner because that would be really bulky and we wanted to maintain the slim design but still have full pages for each weekday. That said - in leu of an annual we do offer the 4 pack for anyone who wants to map out the next 12 months all at once.


    Is there an app version of this planner?

    No. This planner is designed to supplement your digital calendar and task management programs. Your planner is your personal productivity tool and a huge aspect of why it is so effective is because of the psychology behind writing things down. Having this planner as an app would mean losing the personal touch. Visionaries use ink and will never stop writing things down. 


    The Planner Itself

    Where is the planner made?

    We are proud to say, unlike the vast majority of other planners on the market, that ours are ethically made in the USA. And not only are they made in the USA, but we have had the pleasure of shaking the hand of every individual who plays a role in making these beauties.

    Watch our Kickstarter video here to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we got started. 


    What are the dimensions for ZerModus Planners?

    Our planners measure 7.5 inches wide by 9.75 long. They are slightly larger than the original iPad size. 


    What are the cover materials like?

    Our planners have soft covers that are sturdy yet flexible. The Navy cover has a subtle linen texture and the Grey and Kraft planners have a super soft feel. The metal wire-o binding makes it easy for your planner to lay flat. There's also a handy sleeve pocket on the inside of the back cover to hold loose paper, business cards, or our card inserts. 


    What is the paper like?

    We are very picky with our paper and put a lot of thought into this decision. The paper is super smooth 70 lb text paper or 105 gsm. For reference, Moleskine journals are only 70 gsm so our paper is thicker and more much more likely to pass your ink test. 

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