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If your organization cares about about setting your team members up for success, you will love these planners. They are no about managing your employees, they were created to empower them.

Everyday Visionary Planner

When to Use It

Leadership Development Programs

New Employees / Locations Gifts

Sales Team / Remote Workers

Mergers & Acquisitions

Everyday Human Planner

When to Use It

Corporate Wellness Programs

Maternity/Paternity Leave Gift

Short-Term Disability Leave

Employees At-Risk for Burn Out

"Paper is personal... And there's about 20 other reasons why this is not an app."

Founder, Elizabeth Rose Fischer


Inspired & On Track

"Love it! Just what I need to stay inspired and on track preparing to build and launch my website."

Susan B.

Intentional Time Management

"My last promotion at work brought a lot of new responsibilities. This planner has really helped me organize my time and track my tasks. I especially love the calendar section, the task lists, and the dot grid notes section. This planner has helped my get more intentional about time management. Great product!"

Theresa R.

Engineer's Stamp of Approval

"I use this as an engineer on my construction project and find it an invaluable tool. Having one place to take notes, action items, and goals is extremely helpfuI."

Ryan P.

Planner Pricing for Businesses

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

$8 Employee / Month

$7.33 Employee / Month

$6.67 Employee / Month

$6 Employee / Month

$24 / planner

$22 / planner

$20 / planner

$18 / planner

5 - 49 planners

50 - 499 planners

500 - 4,999 planners

5,000 planners

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