For Healthcare Providers

Regardless of what your clients or patients are recovering from, the Everyday Human planner is a cognitive self-care tool that will help them feel calm and enhance their self-awareness.

Healthcare Providers

Behavioral Health

The Everyday Human planner helps your clients take ownership and accountability over their recovery journey.

Rehabs (Residents & Family Week)

Sober Houses

Therapists / Counselors

Cancer Treatment Centers

Patients battling a cancer diagnosis need all the help they can get to build up their mental fortitude to survive and be cancer free.

Cancer Treatment Centers


Support Groups


Recovering from major surgeries and illnesses takes a serious toll on an a patient's well being as well as their caregivers.

Children's Hospitals

Physical Rehabilitation Centers

Cosmetic Surgery Centers

Everyday Human Planner

This planner is designed to help people feel calm, organized, intentional and reflective during periods of time when they otherwise naturally feel very unsettled, uncomfortable and unsure.

The Everyday Human helps bring a sense of clarity to the recovery process, which is often missing a tangible component for the patient experience.

"I designed this product because I wanted to see the progress I was making on a day-to-day basis and to have a memento of an incredibly transformative phase of my life."

Founder, Elizabeth Rose Fischer

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Everyday Human Planner Daily layout

The Daily Layout

sleep tracking

meditation reminders

organizing medications/vitamins

daily productivity

check-in with emotions

set intentions

have affirmations

health & fitness focus

best & worst of the day


Listen to this Podcast Interview

about the story behind the Everyday Human

Everyday Human Planner Mindfullness and Meditation Layout
Everyday Human Planner Recovery Plan layout
Everyday Human Planner EMDR Thereapy
Everyday Human Planner Weekly Reflections Layout

Let's humanize healthcare together.

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