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Raison D'Être

What is the value of a society?

It's the humans you come to know. It's the sense of belonging. The intrinsic familiarity of specific ways of doing things. It's meaningful traditions and shared experiences. It's being connected to something bigger than yourself.

Imagine, a private global society of diverse visionaries who come together with a shared purpose of solving the problems that matter the most. The Global Society of Visionaries is a sophisticated group of individuals who have a distinguished point of view on how we can put our best foot forward in a world that needs better solutions now, more than ever.

Here, is where we bring out the best side of humanity.

Global Society of Visionaries

private social innovation society

Enriching Online

Each month a new class of Visionaries is admitted into this global network of dynamic thought leaders. The online community is designed to make a difference and have a positive impact on society.


Our Visionaries are offered a multitude of different channels and opportunities to connect with each other in a meaningful context on a consistent basis.


This society functions as a peer-to-peer think tank with consistent opportunities to remotely collaborate on finding effective solutions for complex challenges.



As a member of the GSOV you will have exclusive access to consume and co-create engaging content among distinguished thought leaders outside of your traditional industry exposure.


Join the Next Class of Visionaries

Quarterly Enrollment

Common Curiosities

Our members enjoy an private online community designed for facilitating meaningful connections and creative collaborations outside of the individuals you'd typically work with in your respective industries.

Build strong connections through opportunities to collaborate with members and develop innovative solutions to meaningful problems.


The Society

Purpose-Driven Community

Member Benefits:

  • Join a Society with Unique Traditions and Thoughtfully Curated Experiences
  • 24/7 Access to Our Private Online Community
  • Get Personalized Introductions to other Members
  • Meet Interesting People from Diverse Backgrounds in our Groups
  • Attend Interactive Virtual Events Year-Round
  • Participate in Visionary Drills, Sprints, & Discussions
  • Learn from Diverse Perspectives on Impactful Topics
  • Access to Member-Only Quarterly Visionary Summits


Visionary Summits

Regular Gatherings

Interactive Events

As a GSOV member, you will have exclusive access to Virtual Visionary Summits producing top quality content, connections, and collaborations.

No exhibitors. Just genuine introductions, unique traditions, creatively curated discussions, engaging workshops, and competitive team-based sprints.

designed to make a difference

An inclusive and richly diverse community is a healthy community.