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Meet Francesca Lubbock

Business Transformation Expert, Philanthropist & Advisor

Francesca Lubbock is a seasoned business transformation expert. She specializes in project management, strategic planning, business, and data analytics. Her career started as an analyst at a hedge fund Ridgecrest. She then transitioned to role of consultant for corporate law firm Keegan Werlin LLC to develop a specialized database that increased firm’s efficiency, offered extreme competitive advantage, increased success in cases and wins.

In 2015, she launched her first technology company iSwile to help reduce carbon emissions through sustainable transportation alternatives and increase accessibility to coding learning to children of all demographics. The first product was a patented personalized electric mobility device using Tesla technology, while the second was a STEM toys for children that taught Boolean logic, programming, and robotics. As COO, she established the company structure and operations, including policies that promote company culture, code of conduct, and vision and setting comprehensive and measurable goals for performance and growth.

Lubbock facilitated iSwile’s entrance to TechCrunch Disrupt and Maker’s Faire, garnering awards such as Maker's Fair Editor's Pick, TechCrunch Start Up of the Year regional application, and TechCo startup of the Year NY regional runner up. iSwile was also featured in RedBull Magazine, 3Pillar Global Podcast, and NYC Digital.        

In 2017, she was brought on to launch a Delaware based cannabis REIT, Kannalogic, in Northern California. Her recommended financial approach lowered working capital increasing financing viability and presented investor materials to senior executives to convey the company vision and establish the viability within the market. Attracted and worked with senior investors with successful round of series A funding with firm, Mary Jane Group.    

As a consultant with Wayfinder, she works with clients such as DNA sequencing company TruBreed, to improve business efficiency by identifying marketing needs and developing a strategy to maximize growth, optimize operations, and create business partnerships. She also oversees funding and networking for business financing.

Francesca is the great granddaughter of Nobel Laureate, John Boy Orr, and the great niece and god daughter of the first woman in the House of Lords, Katherine Elliot, Baroness of Harwood and Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. She graduated Columbia University, New York, New York with a field of study in Mathematics and degree in Psychology, where she was Chair of Student Health Advisory Committee; Chair of the Furman Counseling Committee, Class Representative. She was also elected as one of two students to attend the Public Leadership Education Network Program for Women in Public Policy. Lubbock has been published in the Annals of Adolescent Psychology 2007: Segment on effects of Behavioral Psychology and Minors of Sexual Assault and International Psych Journal Article 2005: Efficacy of Behavioral Therapy on Adolescents. Lubbock filed her first patent for converted shipping container specialized for stackable, transportable optimized hemp and cannabis grow.

Equality and social justice being core to her being, she helped organize the nonprofit Freedom, which held the largest peaceful protest in the United States this past year. She is a board member with the Institute for Criminal Justice, the first non-profit independent organization to perform research on the efficacy and problems of police training to develop long-term research-based solutions paired with community and law-enforcement feedback.

Similarly committed to environmental justice, she also works with the environmental conservation nonprofit, Goldthwait Reservation and Sustainable Marblehead, both committed to environmental protection, sustainability, and lowering carbon emissions. In her free time, Francesca likes to study languages such as Russian and Japanese, write, record music, and dive.

"I envision a world where the greatest gift you can give to another is to help them develop their own."

Francesca Lubbock

Proudest Accomplishment

in Francesca's words

"To learn there is no such thing as failure, only a learning experience. The mastery to find value and growth in every experience, no matter how painful or difficult, then implement that lesson to move forward."

Defining Moment

in Francesca's words


Aha Moments

in Francesca's words

"My ideas tend to come to me during meditation or when I'm getting lost in nature."

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