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Board Advisor

Meet Jagdish Dalal

Founder & President, JDalal Associates

Jag is the Founder and President of JDalal Associates. He is a world-renowned authority and coveted speaker on management strategies, technology, and outsourcing. His deep experience as a business executive who contracted for these services as well as his leadership experience in establishing outsourcing practice for some of the world’s largest professional services companies; allow him to bring a unique perspective to consulting and board of advisory work.

Jag has held senior Information Technology executive positions with large Fortune 100 companies and as a Partner at Price Waterhouse (PwC), he started the Business Process Outsourcing practice and led its marketing function. His groundbreaking Information Technology outsourcing deal (worth $3.2B) in 1994 for Xerox is documented as a Harvard Business School case study and it is still being used in several universities’ MBA programs.

He is a noted speaker and publishes extensively on business strategies, outsourcing and information technology management topics. Jag is viewed as a “futurist” with a view towards surviving in the changing world. His series of lectures on outsourcing and future of business have been recognized as “pushing the envelope” in strategic thinking, while providing a practical framework for businesses and professionals.

He has been interviewed and quoted by Wall Street Journal® , Fortune® , TIME® , Newsweek® , Financial Times® , Times of India® , South China Morning Post as well as CBS News and NPR®; for his commentary on outsourcing and management strategies. He has been invited by the Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, Costa Rican, Brasilian, Colombian, Costa Rican, Trinidadian and South African governments and resident businesses to give speeches and hold conferences.

Jag has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions in the field of Information technology management and outsourcing. For his contributions in the field of outsourcing, he was elected to the Leadership Hall of Fame in 2014.

"I envision a peaceful, caring, prosperous world."

Jagdish Dalal

Proudest Accomplishment

in Carla's words

"Being recognized as a leader who learns, practices and teaches to my best ability."

Defining Moment

in Carla's words

"Overcoming a dangerous open-heart surgery in 1963, long before it was routine. It made me appreciate life and enjoying inner peace."

Aha Moments

in Carla's words

"I read a lot and try to absorb direct and indirect messages from what I read."

Add to Your Bookshelf

Jag's Recommended Reading


Management and the New Science
By Dr. Whitley


Say it Right the First Time
By Dr. Malandro


An Autobiography: The story of My Experiments with Truth
By Gandhi


The Fifth Discipline
By Peter Senge


Black Like Me
By John Griffin

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