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Blunt Words of Wisdom


"You need a planner that will encourage you to get your shit together, much like the ZerModus Everyday Visionary planner. It's basically the equivalent of a motivational speaker, as it coaxes you to map out your vision, define realistic goals, and visualize a game plan on how to achieve them."

Founding Story Excerpt

Voyage Dallas

"While I was in college I started designing my own daily planners. Not to start a business, but really just because I couldn’t find any that had a design and layout that I wanted to use. Then, people continued to request that I make ones for them, so I did. It wasn’t until nearly a decade after I graduated from college that I decided to take that leap of faith and launch ZerModus."

-Elizabeth Fischer, Founder

For the Athletes

Popular Science

"Visualization is a tool used by many top athletes. By rehearsing for success, you train your mind for the real thing. The Everyday Visionary Planner invites us to do the same each morning. This innovative journal also helps you to appreciate what you have achieved and stay focused on the tasks ahead."

Why Visualization

D Magazine

"Drawing upon her experience with sports psychology as a young equestrian athlete, she created the Everyday Visionary Planner with the powers of visualization and goal attainment in mind. “The more you can focus on visualizing what you want, the more you are going to bring yourself closer to that, and it’s naturally going to manifest,” she says. “So, I wanted to have a planner that was about visualizing what you wanted each day.”

The Significance of Writing


"The physical act of writing has well-documented mental benefits (it stimulates the Reticular Activating System in our brains), including increased memory and understanding, as well as the ability to synthesize ideas. Also, using the hand and seeing a landscape of thoughts, not just one item on a list, can generate big picture cognitive activity rather than check-off-the-task automation. When these concepts are applied to the planning of thinking—as in creating a visual log of what you intend to do, see, figure out—all sorts of brainpower can be unleashed."

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