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Social Media Maven - Career Opportunity

Social Media Manager / Strategist


Location: Dallas, Texas

Employment Opportunity: Student Internship


About ZerModus

ZerModus is a Dallas-based mission-driven startup. Our mission is to empower people. Right now we are doing that by putting simple but powerful resources in peoples hands every day, all across the country. Our journey has started with that resource being the Everyday Visionary planner. This 12-week undated daily planner that's designed by our Founder and locally made in Dallas, Texas has been featured in and earned recognition from publications like HuffPost, D Magazine, GadgetFlow, Dallas Innovates, as well as several others. As we continue to grow we are eager to add more brilliant minds and hardworking professionals to join the table and make millions of people feel empowered on a daily basis.


About Your Role as our Social Media Manager

First of all let's just start with the obvious shall we? This is an internship posting at a startup. You know what that means? It's a real job with real work that has to be done in order to grow the business. You will get unparralelled work experience and build connections that will help jumpstart your career.

As the ZerModus Social Media Intern, you will be responsible for influencer strategy, content strategy, content creation, and execution as it relates to the overall social media strategy. Your days will largely consist of sourcing beautifully diverse content to post on our instagram feed and stories. This means lots of reaching out to brides-to-be, brides, photographers, etc. to ask to feature parts of their love story. You'll sourcing, editing, creating, and scheduling instagram posts and stories using, the Unfolded App and Over App with the goal of aggressively growing our following and engagement and having a stunningly inclusive feed.


This Role Entails

  • 60% Sourcing Content & Getting Approvals to Post 
  • 20% Copywriting & Editing (for social posts)

  • 20% Influencer Strategy (identifying and executing diverse influencer partnerships) 

A Day in the Life

(beginning of the week)

  • Talk with the Team | to discuss what’s on tap for the week + set intentions for this week’s goals
  • Editorial Calendar | Drafting (create first pass at upcoming social posts)
  • Editorial Calendar | Collaborate and Review Copy + Creative (take notes)
  • Post Scheduling | in and other necessary platforms
  • Social Engagement | Daily human to human social engagement
  • Influencer Outreach | Daily/weekly outreach to potential partners with aligned values

(middle-end of the week)

  • Blog Post Writing | Weekly content creation for ZerThoughts blog and LinkedIn articles
  • Blog Post Editing | Weekly content editing for The Collaborative blog featuring Everyday Visionaries
  • Press Releases | Writing & pitching press releases to get relevant press coverage



  • You have a Mac and you’ll never go back.
  • You’ve researched our brand prior to submitting your resume because what we are doing resonates with you.
  • You are one of those people who wakes up each day ready to conquer the world.
  • You’re extremely social media savvy. You’ve grown up in the digital age and quite literally get followers in your sleep. You understand what people want in their feeds and the nuances of how that differs on each social media platform. You also have a very strong understanding of effective branded content strategies on these platforms:
      • Instagram
      • Facebook
      • Pinterest
  • You get your work done quickly and you have new ideas all the time.
  • You’ve mastered the art of the perfect post (most importantly on Instagram).
  • You have a knack for catchy short-format copywriting (and the portfolio to back it up).
  • You have a strong voice and eloquent language with a confident sense of humor.
  • The content you create puts a stake in the ground and sticks in people’s minds long after scrolling through your feed.
  • You’re constantly on the lookout for the latest growth hacks and the latest best practices in the ever-evolving social media landscape.
  • You are forever curious about doing more of what works best and have the discipline to review analytics on a weekly basis and adjust strategy accordingly.



  • You use a daily planner and understand the importance of writing things down.
  • Experience managing/growing the following for social media accounts that have achieved 10k or more followers.
  • Social Media Specialist Certifications (Hootsuite, University courses, etc.)
  • Bonus points if you have experience being published in national publications.
  • You’re plugged into communities both digitally and in-person.
  • If you follow @jstlbby on Instagram, you are our people.


Can’t Stands

  • Anyone who thinks it’s acceptable to say “That’s not my job.” when asked to do something outside of your primary area of focus. Your job is to help us grow the brand. We need people who are ready and willing to lend a hand whenever they are needed.


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