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Success by Design

Getting Resume Ready

Take this course to embrace the mindset of an everyday visionary and find your next career opportunity with a level of confidence and clarity that hiring managers can't ignore.


Online Course Success by Design: Getting Resume Ready Coming Soon in May 2020 Get Exclusive Pricing & Early Access

Four Foundational Areas of Focus



Your State of Mind

Begin setting yourself up for success in your job search by getting in the right head space. Gain a heightened sense of self-awareness, clarity and confidence.


Your Coveted Personal Brand

With over 30 million Americans filing for unemployment it's more important than ever that you do everything in your power to stand out as a polished and memorable job candidate.


A Creative Job Search

You are going to have to get creative to find what you're looking for. We will cover a wide variety of strategies for you can do that during these unusual times we are living in.


A Relevant Resume

Take a methodical seven step approach to designing a resume that is relevant to the job opportunities you are applying for and concisely communicates the unique value you bring to your next employer.

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Success favors the prepared.

Designing Your State of Mind



Psychology 101

This section brings to light various psychological concepts that are particularly relevant to what you'll find yourself experiencing throughout the job hunting process. Completing this section will leave you with a heightened sense of self awareness as you navigate various career changes.


Mastering Your Emotions

You are only human. And job hunting is an emotional roller coaster. Much less job hunting during the greatest economic downturn of our lifetime. Mastering your emotions and holding onto hope are absolutely critical to staying in a creative headspace so you can find your next career opportunity.


Breaking Mental Barriers

You'll learn to identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs and self talk. Consequentially, you'll open yourself up to many more viable career possibilities you've never taken seriously or even remotely considered before. After completing this section you will emerge with a fresh perspective and strengthened mental flexibility.


Vision Planning

Move forward with a clear sense of purpose and direction in your job search so that you remain open to new possibilities while staying true to what is authentic to who you are and what you are most passionate about doing.


The Art of Visualizing

Adopt the habits of an Everyday Visionary by embracing the daily practice of visualizing how you will get what you want in this job search and at every phase of your career moving forward. Learn what world class athletes and business leaders have practiced for decades... the art of visualizing.

Designing a Coveted Personal Brand


Why You Need a Personal Brand

Now, more than ever job candidates need to be as deliberate as possible when it comes to designing and articulating your personal brand. Why? Because it makes you a more sophisticated job seeker.


It signifies to hiring managers that someone has gone through the motions of creating a personal brand is more likely to be an effective communicator, critical thinker, and problem solver. It makes you a more trustworthy candidate when you represent yourself with consistency. Having a credible personal brand also gives you a leg up when it come to conversations around your compensation.


Think of it this way. You are an asset that potential employers are looking to acquire. Your personal brand is your packaging. In this section you will learn how to package yourself to potential employers so that your personal brand is authentic, beautiful, credible and sharable.



You Were Designed to Stand Out

Designing a Creative Job Search


How to Find What You're Looking For

In this section of the course you will learn how to maximize your job searches from general job boards to specialized industry-specific ones, as well as leveraging recruiting agencies. The idea is to get as many irons in the fire and to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Get creative ideas for how how to find companies in places you never would have thought to look for before this course. And then finally, learn to conduct due diligence like a pro on your potential employers so you leave a first impression that stands out among other candidates.



It's time to get creative with how you find your next career opportunity.

Designing Your Relevant Resume


Seven Step Resume Design Process

In the fourth and final section of this course you will walk through a very thorough seven step process for creating a resume from scratch without getting overwhelmed. Each step gets broken down for you play by play with easy to follow checklists and lessons offering a deeper look into the value of following each step.


You'll also learn various tips and tricks for how to position various things delicately and with integrity. By the end of this course you will have a very clear understanding of how to make your resume as relevant as possible for each job you apply for in your job search.



Walk towards your next opportunity confidently.

Who Should Take this Course

You should take this course if you:

    • want to feel more confident and sophisticated when interviewing with potential employers.
    • want to design a personal brand that will attract an employer who you will be a great culture fit for.
    • appreciate a methodical and highly organized approach to job hunting. (Aka you're Virgo, Aquarius, Scorpio or Capricorn.)
    • want to easily identify your transferable skills.
    • are curious about changing industries and exploring new possibilities for your career path and unique skillset and experience.


You should NOT take this course if you are:

    • not a knowledge worker. This course is specifically designed for individuals who have largely knowledge based skillsets as opposed to trade skills involving doing work with your hands.
    • not self motivated. This course gives you all of the tools and resources you need to change your perspective and significantly enhance your approach to job hunting, but you have to be ready to do the work.
    • closed minded. If you insist on letting your fears hold you back or continuing to operate with a rigid mindset then this course is not for you.



Get your head in the game and have your resume ready to stand out.


Online Course Success by Design: Getting Resume Ready Coming Soon in May 2020 Get Exclusive Pricing & Early Access


Success by Design:
Getting Resume Ready


Success by Design Getting Resume Ready Coming Soon

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