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The Art of Visualizing

Manifesting the Outcomes You Want

Take this forever free course to start waking up like an everyday visionary and master the art of visualizing what you want out of life.

otherwise known as

Mastering the Art of
Setting Yourself Up for Success


Visualizing like a Pro

This brief chapter covers ways in which we've already been trained to practice the art of visualizing. We also examine key components of why this practice is so effective for the way our brains are wired to think. There's also a special appearance from one of Elizabeth's family members. 🥰


Question Everything

In this brief chapter we embrace the philosophy of questioning everything about the chosen format for our planners. Learn why the Everyday Visionary is very intentionally a tangible product and not a digital app, and why that is to your benefit.


The Break Down

In this chapter we break down the art of visualizing, play-by-play, so that you gain clarity around exactly what it should entail to practice the art visualizing. We look at when you should visualize your desired outcomes, how you visualize obtaining those outcomes, and how often you should do it each day.


Visualizing for Agility

In this conclusive chapter we walk through all of the things you need to consider, challenge, and prepare for when it comes to visualizing things outside of your perfect ideal scenario. Elizabeth also shares two heartfelt calls-to-action for all customers and students.

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The Art of Visualizing

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