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Waking up like an Everyday Human

Everyday Human Planner | Slate

Product image 1Everyday Human Planner | Slate
Product image 2Everyday Human Planner | Slate
Product image 3Everyday Human Planner | Slate
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Dear Everyday Human,

I made this for you. This slate blue/green color is symbolic for your growth and the depth you have as an entirely unique individual. I went with the name "Slate" because this planner is also meant to symbolize the fact that you can always start with a fresh slate and new outlook on life.

I made this for you, to have a little bit of hope to hold onto while you are going through a period of transition. Change can be uncomfortable but this recovery planner is designed to help you stay grounded throughout all of the turbulence. My favorite part of this planner is keeping track of the "best" and "worst" of each day. And I'll share with you that I have a rule for myself about this section. My rule is that I always have to fill out both the "best" and "worst," I can't just focus on one or the other. And that really helps me keep things balanced and in perspective.

I made this a dateless daily planner so you can start using it any day of the year without having any wasted pages. I made it a 12-week planner so that you can get switch back to the mindset of an Everyday Visionary whenever you feel ready.

I made this for you to easily being each day by setting intentions and reinforcing those intentions with the affirmations you need to be telling yourself. The stories we choose to tell ourselves carry a lot of power. Make sure you are telling yourself stories full love, hope, compassion and grace. You are worthy of those stories.

When I made this for you I decided to give you space to look back and reflect on your moments of growth and lessons learned on a weekly basis. I've also given you more space for journaling at the end of each week if you feel so inclined.

I made this for you so that you could have a journal that helps you navigate life as much as it helps you organize your day, especially when that period of life proves to be more difficult. These pages are meant to capture some of the most meaningful parts of your life's story. It will be something you look back on and flip through years from now, thinking to yourself "I remember when this happened, and look how far I've come."


Elizabeth Fischer

the creator


Everyday Human

for everyday growth


start fresh any day of the year

the next 30 days
the next 60 days
the next 90 days


get a good look at what lies ahead for the week

remarks for the week  ::  notable events and meetings
weekly gratitude list  ::  the week’s key activities 

self-care activities  ::  prioritize self-care


a calming framework for daily personal growth

sleep tracking  ::  your focus for the day for what will set you up for success
meditation tracking  ::  
set aside a few minutes to meditate each morning/evening

check-in  ::  remain self-aware and check-in with your emotions
setting intentions
  ::  a specific upcoming event and desired outcome
daily affirmations  ::  your affirmation to help you achieve the desired outcome

health & fitness focus  ::  space for meal planning workout focus
best & worst of the day  ::  keep things in perspective by noting the daily highs and lows
daily activity  ::  keep track of daily tasks, appointments, medications, etc.


take a quick moment to reflect

moments of growth  ::  take record of your wins for the week
areas to work on  ::  make note of the lessons you learned
satisfaction  ::  rate your satisfaction with the week


the length   ::   12-week dateless daily planner
the covers   ::   sturdy cover paper with super soft touch finish
the pages   ::   104gsm super smooth bright white pages with rounded corners
the binding   ::   antique gold wire-o lay flat binding
the size   ::   slightly larger than an iPad | 7.5"W x 9.75"H

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Everyday Human Surveys


Best & Worst Survey

Ave Completion Time: 3min

Take this brief two question survey to get in the habit of maintaining a sense of perspective through the turbulent highs and lows of the infamously unpredictable year of 2020.

Check-In Challenge Survey

Ave Completion Time: 3min

Use this brief survey to begin to master the habit of labeling your core emotions and being more self-aware as an Everyday Human. Do it daily and on paper with the Everyday Human planner to see how much this simple act grounds you and validates what you are feeling.

Self-Starter Survey

Ave Completion Time: 7min

Take the Self-Starter Survey for an advanced level version of the Check-In Challenge. In this survey will check-in with four different parts of yourself and develop the skill of emotional granularity by labeling more precise emotions from the feelings chart.

  • Best & Worst Survey
  • Check-In Challenge
  • Self Starter Survey
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Listen to the first public conversation I had with Monica Denais about the story behind what lead to the creation of the Everyday Human planner. Insights into Elizabeth's childhood and why everything around the ZerModus brand revolves around designing your state of mind before doing anything else.

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